Mental Health Publication Project

Mental Health education and promotion constitute a key part of our work. Aside increasing mental health literacy, our publications cover a wide spectrum of issues ranging from common mental health problems to depression, suicide prevention, substance abuse, autism, Epilepsy, etc. Under the MHF publication Project, thousands of copies have been distributed nationwide via the sponsorship of Salimo-Wits Foundation, Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), African Motherhood Initiative (AMI) and TY Danjuma Foundation. Our titles include:

  • Mental Health and You.
  • Explaining Mental Health.
  • Fighting Stigma – Our collective Responsibility.
  • Depression – Facts to Know.
  • Yes, 2 Mental Health.
  • Smarter than Depression.
  • No To Stigma: Become an Anti-Stigma Ambassador.
  • Bullying and Addiction etc.